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Frequently asked questions

Would you consider an outdoor only skills league?

  • Yes! We are going to be doing outdoor only skills camps that are limited to 12 kids. This will allow us to mitigate COVID-19 transmission risks while allowing our kids to work on basketball skills and interact with friends and neighbors in a safe environment.

Can we have a competitive league outside?

  • Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it is in the cards this year. There are a couple of issues that prevent an outdoor league, but the biggest is that the Santa Clara County Health Department has not approved competitive games. Currently, we are limited to groups of up to 12 kids and they must be socially distanced.

What is your plan to create a safe environment? 

  • We plan to follow guidance from the county and we’ve created a plan based on their guidance. However, we realize that every family has a different tolerance for risk, so we encourage you to check out tour protocols and if you don’t feel they are good enough for your family we totally understand and we hope to see again next year.
  • Please see our COVID protocols for more details: (

Will you require that your coaches, parents, and players wear masks?

  • Kids will be required to wear masks to and from practices, but not during drills (physical activities). 
  • Coaches will be required to wear masks the whole time.  
  • Parents are required to wear masks and stay a safe distance away from the team (stay in care, 20 feet from the court, etc) - we are in fact encouraging parents not to hang around during practice this year.
  • Please see our COVID protocols for more details: (

Will you require temperature checks prior to athletes joining a practice/game session?                 

  • Yes, coaches will be taking player temperatures before each practice and isolating and sending kids home who report temperatures.

Will you require families to report positive COVID tests to NJB if an event occurs?

Will the gym be sanitized before and after practice/game?

  • No and Yes. No, we won’t be sanitizing the gyms because we won’t be using gyms this season. Yes, we will be giving coaches the equipment for kids to sanitize their hands before and after each practice. Coaches will sanitize team balls before and after each practice, and if there are benches being used, we will sanitize those too.

How can we run basketball which is a full-contact sport be a safe sport?

    • Right now the experts say we can’t, thus the practice only season. This will not be the normal basketball practice that you are used to as we can’t run contact drills. However, there are a LOT of great drills that don’t require contact that can work on basic basketball skills, like dribbling, shooting, and passing, and still be competitive.

Where will the practices be held?

  • Outdoor courts at our local schools are reservable from the schools. We will be targeting local Almaden schools like Leland, Castillero, and Brett Harte.

What about weekday practices?

  • The sunsets now at 5 pm, and given that none of our outdoor courts have lights and most coaches aren’t available before 5 pm, we won’t be offering weekday practices.

Why are you charging us $40?

  • While we aren’t paying for most of our normal expenses like indoor gyms, referees, uniforms, we do have some costs. We need to pay for outdoor courts, and we need to pay for sanitization supplies for our coaches. 

Will there be any type of uniforms provided?

  • In order to keep the cost down, there will not be any uniforms provided for the practice groups this season.

Will you offer refunds if something happens?

  • There are a lot of things that can affect our ability to hold practices ranging from weather and COVID. We have a lot of up-front costs in order to get the season up and running and we are trying to charge the bare minimum, to allow most to participate this season. For those reasons, if we are forced to shut down the season early we won’t be offering refunds.

Can my child participate in basketball and another after-school activity?

  • Sadly no. The SCC Health Department is very clear that student can only participate in one in-person after school program at a time. When they transition from one program to another they must take a 3-week break. 

How will teams be formed?

  • We don’t need to worry about competitive balance, so we will use criteria like coach requests, friend requests, siblings, grade levels, etc to put practice squads together.

When will we find out about teams?

  • The first week of December at the latest.

What should I expect how this new outdoor season would look like?

  • Our main goal is to continue the sport of basketball instead of just closing down for the season. If your player is new this season, the program will introduce the fundamentals of basketball to them. If your player is a returning player, the coach’s goal will consist of sharpening your player’s skills and techniques. Most importantly, having your player participate safely outdoor, on a basketball team, learning, and having FUN. .

What if conditions in the county change?

  • We will keep up-to-date with the County guidelines. If things get worse and we have to lock down we will follow County guidelines, including canceling the season if we need to.



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